July 24, 2014 -- Updated 1855 GMT (0255 HKT) Edited by Dave Gilbert in London

Women, children and U.N. staff are among the dead after an attack on a shelter in northern Gaza, the U.N. says. It's unclear who carried out the strike. FULL STORY

Israeli leaders are demanding the 'demilitarization' of Gaza -- but Hamas is opposed. Is there another way to provide Israel with security guarantees? CNN's Tim Lister investigates. FULL STORY

A match is abandoned after pro-Palestinian protesters attack players from Israeli team Maccabi Haifa.
Israeli club Maccabi Haifa have won the Israeli league 12 times in their history.
Experts work to identify victims of the MH17 crash and help bring closure for their families.
Some call them a secret brotherhood, others refer to them as a spiritual mystery.


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